Hi, I´m Maria Rives Solà

I would be glad to help you

First of all thank you visit my page.

My name is Maria Rives, I’m a personal and wellness coach. I am a dynamic person, very motivated in personal growth and to help others to develop their full capacity and to be happy. I want to help create a better and happier world and coaching is a good tool.

I have lived in several countries, currently living in Munich, Germany so I have experience in adapting to changes and start again, and both my life experiences and professionals can help you in the journey of your life and enjoy it. And thanks to the technologies we can make the sessions on-line in any part of the world

I am convinced that people can choose the best path of their life and I want to help you. If you want more clarity in your life and change some area of it, you’re in the right place. I do it through individual sessions and workshops and together we choose the best way for you. The sessions and workshops are focused on showing people the different possibilities that exist to improve their life.

I am currently studying psychology and different coach courses to continue forming and be at the highest level of professionalism to give the best service. I work as a coach and as a tour guide, which allows me to know better the place and the history of the place where I live and to transmit it to the travelers of life and show them other ways of life and so help people to open their minds and see things from different perspectives

My experience as a Coach

We all have problems, or difficulties. And the smart ones face them. And the problems, if we have help, are solved sooner and better. The coaches help in the process. We motivate, act as a mirror because we see all your potentials and reflect and facilitate to achieve the goals themselves

-Coaches, in this case I, are at your side, following your pace, without judging, helping you see your solutions and get your goals and be a better person

-We give you tools to be autonomous and develop your whole being

-Coaching is for those people who want to make the most of their lives and fulfill their dreams. No excuses. No Limits and enjoying life

-With coaching you will strengthen your commitment to your own life and your emotions.

-We help you get the dreams and desires you have, without damaging others, and get out of the emotional and professional loop that you are

-After the coaching sessions you’ll feel better










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